A healthy life
means a happy life

In a LinaHaus you are surrounded by pure solid wood and nothing else. The mass capable of heat storage and low thermal conductivity ensure an excellent indoor climate, while the solid wood itself provides natural climate regulation: in summer it stays pleasantly cool, in winter comfortably warm. The result is a natural atmospheric environment of special quality, which is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers.

Health benefits


LinaHaus wooden elements are untreated and therefore free of volatile, chemical vapours. The wooden surfaces have an antibacterial and antistatic effect, which reduces dust dispersion.

Electric smog

According to various measurements and studies, solid wood walls shield high-frequency waves very well. This radiation shielding contributes to a healthy life within your own four walls.

Air quality

The hygroscopic cell structure of wood absorbs excess humidity and releases it again when needed. A LinaHaus wall creates a balanced and pleasant room climate all year round.

Natural finish

LinaHaus elements consist of natural wood, without glue, synthetic building elements and other third-party materials, and are therefore free of chemical contamination.

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